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Cerames - carreaux marocains
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Carreaux de céramique

Carrelage marocain

Carreaux de céramique
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Beautiful, hand-painted moroccan tiles.
Patterns of tiles are resistant to abrasion, cleaning and fading.

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Size: 20cm x 20 cm or 25cm x 40 cm

Quantity: 4 pieces (cover 0.16 m2) or 2 pieces (cover 0,2 m2)

Application: Decorative plate


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The tiles from Morocco are abrasion-resistant and even with deeper scratches the pattern is still visible because the colours are incorporated in the glaze. Each tile is first covered with an undercoat – brown colour, and then each colour is laid separately according to the design. After burning, the tiles obtain their final colours as well as high resistance. The moroccan tiles will definitely help you to obtain a more personal and individualistic style of you bathroom or kitchen.

Moroccan tiles are made in a traditional technique from Marrakech. Moroccan tiles are extremely popular not only in Morocco, but in the whole world, thanks to their unusual character, design and warm colours of the South. Each tile is unique! Carrelage Marocain


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